Welcome to St Paul Catholic Church

If there are snowy or icy conditions, Masses at St. Paul will be canceled.  Masses at St. Edward and St. Peter will be held at the regular times.

 2022 Calendars are available now. 
They may be picked up after Mass or from the Parish offfice. Due to shipping issues we now have a surplus of calendars so you may take as many as you like.  

Public Masses
We are open for Mass. will continue to be livestreamed on Sundays at 8:30 am on the Facebook page for those who are not able to attend safely. To view Mass after the live stream has ended; go to the Facebook page, click on videos, and click on the one you wish to view.
Masks are required at Mass and in the Parish offices. Distanced seating between households is available on the left (Mary) side of the church.

St. Paul Weekend Mass Schedule
Saturday Vigil 4:00 pm
Sunday 8:30 am

Daily Mass Schedule- Daily Masses are suspended Christmas Week
Tuesday,      St. Paul              6 pm Mass
Wednesday,  St. George         8:30 am  Mass            
                   St. Peter            10:30 am Mass
                   St. Edward         6:00 pm Mass
Thursday,     St. Paul              8:30 am Mass
                   St. Edward         10:30 am Mass
                   St. Peter            10:30 am Mass      
Friday,         St. Peter            10:30 am Word and Communion Service
                   St. George          8:30 am School Mass
                   St. Edward         10:30 am Mass

Please check the website frequently as this is our best way to communicate with parishioners at this time. 
If you know of parishioners who don't have access to the internet, please help us by sharing information with them. 

Letter from the Pastor


M, W, Th, F 8:30 am -4:30 pm 
Tuesday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Please call 206-725-2050 or email info@stpaulparish.com to make an appointment. 

If there is a life and death emergency please call the priest's emergency line

Weekly Bulletin 

New Parishioner?
Register at St. Paul Parish
You can also update your current registration here.

Liturgical Minister Schedule 

Prayer Requests

We are able to offer Mass for your prayer intentions.  Only one intention may be offered at each Mass. If you have a specific date, for example a death or birth anniversary, plan ahead as we have a limited number of Masses available. Please call the parish office and mail your stipend to St. Paul Parish 5600 S Ryan St, Seattle WA 98178

Week at a Glance

January 25th
6:00 pm Mass Father Armando
the people of St. Paul Parish

January 26th
7:00 pm RCIA @ St. Edward

January 27th
8:30 am Mass ELC Father Armando
The priests and deacons of the cluster
1:00 pm Office Coordinator Meeting- Office Closed
7:00 pm Pastoral Council @ St. Paul

January 28th
10:30 am 
Funeral Mass for Fedencio Bacungan
Father Armando

January 29th
Celebration of the Feast of St. Paul

3:00 pm Confessions- First Confessions
4:00 pm Mass Father Scott
Calvin Johnson RIP

January 30th
Catholic Schools Week

8:30 am Mass Father Scott
   For the families and staff of the Early Learning Center

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