Due to the recent pandemic Archbishop Etienne has suspended all celebrations of the Eucharist until further notice. You are dispensed from Sunday obligation. All parish activities are also cancelled.

Talk to Your Children

Dear Friends

             I recently came across a great article about how to “Talk to Your Children.” I thought I’d share it with you. Use the questions below to start a conversation with your child. First, spend some time alone in prayer to answer the questions yourself. Then, ask your child to share their answers.

· What is something about you that is a gift from God to you? (I am tall, I have a strong voice, etc.)

· What is something about you that is a gift from you to God? (I study, I practice singing, I am friendly to everyone in school.)

· Have you ever really wanted something and thought, “If I can have this, I won’t need anything else?” Then you get it and still feel like you need something more? Why do you think that happened?

· Talk about a time you gave up something you really wanted for God. Why did you do it? What happened? How did it feel at first: How did it feel later?

· If you are married, talk about how you met your spouse. What about them made you think they would be a good person to marry? Ask your child what kind of person they would like to marry.

· Tell about a time you had to learn to make better decisions. How did you do it?

Just a few conversation starters for you and your children. Also, we have a list of “Things to do with Your Family:”

· Go to mass as a family

· Pray before bedtime

· Eat dinner together (without screens)

· Say grace before meals

· Go to reconciliation as a family

· Turn screens off one hour before bedtime

· Keep phones and tablets out of bedrooms overnight

I hope that you are able to apply some of these suggestions as we enter Advent and Christmas and as the New Year approaches. May we grow together as a family of families of faith.

Yours in Christ ,

Fr. Scott Connolly