Talk to Your Children

Dear Friends

             I recently came across a great article about how to “Talk to Your Children.” I thought I’d share it with you. Use the questions below to start a conversation with your child. First, spend some time alone in prayer to answer the questions yourself. Then, ask your child to share their answers.

· What is something about you that is a gift from God to you? (I am tall, I have a strong voice, etc.)

· What is something about you that is a gift from you to God? (I study, I practice singing, I am friendly to everyone in school.)

· Have you ever really wanted something and thought, “If I can have this, I won’t need anything else?” Then you get it and still feel like you need something more? Why do you think that happened?

· Talk about a time you gave up something you really wanted for God. Why did you do it? What happened? How did it feel at first: How did it feel later?

· If you are married, talk about how you met your spouse. What about them made you think they would be a good person to marry? Ask your child what kind of person they would like to marry.

· Tell about a time you had to learn to make better decisions. How did you do it?

Just a few conversation starters for you and your children. Also, we have a list of “Things to do with Your Family:”

· Go to mass as a family

· Pray before bedtime

· Eat dinner together (without screens)

· Say grace before meals

· Go to reconciliation as a family

· Turn screens off one hour before bedtime

· Keep phones and tablets out of bedrooms overnight

I hope that you are able to apply some of these suggestions as we enter Advent and Christmas and as the New Year approaches. May we grow together as a family of families of faith.

Yours in Christ ,

Fr. Scott Connolly