Opening Public Masses

Dear Parishioners

As we continue to prepare to have mass “in person” once again, we need your help in two different ways. First, we need people to register for the mass you wish to attend. We encourage you to call the office or send an email to your Office Coordinator: Ana Juguilon ( at St. Peter. Anne Stanton ( at St. Paul. Renato Sacramento ( at St. George or Vince Sobrevilla ( at St. Edward. Please only sign up for one mass per week at this time. We want to make sure there is room for everyone. At St. Edward and St. George there is enough room for almost 200 people. At St. Paul we can accommodate up to 100 people and at St. Peter we are only able to have 50 people since the church is so much smaller than the others. We will start offering the liturgy at the various mass times as they fill up. We encourage you to come to a weekday mass if you are able. That frees things up for others to attend the weekend liturgies. Secondly, we really do need more volunteers to help us with the new tasks required to make the liturgies safe and secure according to the new covid protocols. Please call the office and volunteer to help as a monitor, usher or pew sanitizer. We can’t offer the Mass without people to help us in these new safety protocols. See you soon!

Yours in Christ,

Fr. K. Scott Connolly