October Office Hours

Dear Friends

Here is my schedule of office hours for the rest of October. As I said a couple weeks ago, while I am happy to meet with people in your own parish community, I would really appreciate a call or email to set up an appointment. It’s hard for me if people simply “drop in” as sometimes the schedule changes with funerals, etc.

Oct. 13                        St. Peter, St. George and St. Edward after Sunday masses (Youth group)

Oct. 14                        St. Paul            9-10     St. Edward      11-noon

Oct. 16                        St. Paul            9-10     St. Peter          11-2 pm

Oct. 17                        St. Paul            9-10     St. Edward      11-noon           St. George       1-3 pm

Oct. 18                        St. George       9-10     St. Peter          11-2 pm          

Oct. 20                        St. Paul & St. Edward after Sunday masses (Youth Group)

Oct. 23                        St. Peter          11-12   St. Paul            2-3 pm

Oct. 24                        St. Paul            9-10     St. Edward      11-2 pm

Oct. 25                        St. George       9-10     St. Peter          11-2 pm

Oct. 26                        St. George       9-11

Oct. 27            St. Peter & St. George after Sunday mass

Oct. 28                        Chancery         10-2 pm

Oct. 30                        St. Edward      1-4 pm

Oct. 31                        St. Paul            3-7 pm

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Scott Connolly