May 1st

Dear Parishioners:

Just a reminder that we will have an all-school/faith formation youth mass this Friday, May First with the crowning of Mary as part of the service. We will live stream the mass on Friday from St. Paul at 9:30 am. In addition, the Archbishop will be joining with Bishops from the US and Canada to consecrate both countries in the care of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I have attached the letter from Archbishop Etienne here. The consecration will take place at noon on Friday and there is a link to it on our Facebook page as well as our parish website.

Here is the link to the worship aid for your family:

In addition, I plan to celebrate a First Saturday mass this week at 9:30 am on May 2nd. This is offered for our Legion of Mary, but everyone is most welcome.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Scott Connolly

BTW, I have a link here if people are interested in creating a “May Day Basket.” This is a beautiful tradition that I hope our families might adopt and go around to your neighbors and leave a May Day surprise. Put the basket outside their door, ring the bell and try to get away without being seen. You might want to attach a note that says something to the effect: “On this May Day, we hope you enjoy this basket. We will hold you in prayer as we stay home and stay safe. Your friends at St. Paul/Edward/George or Peter.” You might even attach a prayer or passage from scripture as well.,1,fJ6zYeQlp2tywmxTDt4Bcoo6r2keVlWWIrv6VneMShITylgbAIbqR4HHH68BlZtFre-0_tkTh-1ubBAvthfqUSVXZsZK_ICbyydgMZIi9xutP98yFr5Zyw,,&typo=0