Letter to the Parish

                                                                                                March 16, 2020

Dear Parishioner:

In light of the dangers of public gatherings due to the coronavirus, Archbishop Etienne has made the unprecedented decision to cancel all masses for the time being. In accord with this decision we will refrain for the next few weeks until we hear differently. All are dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass until Masses are reinstated. Please spend at least an hour in prayer every Sunday in union with the Body of Christ throughout the world. Try to read the scriptures for Sunday and pray in particular for the victims of this virus. Pray for those who have died and their families. Pray for our Church who suffers because of this sacrifice. Pray for all health care workers “who rush into the building” to help save others. The video of Archbishop’s statement is posted on our parish website. Please visit the parish website for updates and ways to keep your Sunday holy. The Sunday bulletin will be posted on the website as well as emailed to those for whom we have email addresses. If you know of parishioners who do not have internet access, please keep them informed as well.

Unique circumstances require unique responses. We will do our best to change our way of interacting with you through social media and other means of communication. We have created a new Facebook page for all the Cluster Parishes. You can “like” the page by going to the parish website and connecting to the link. We plan to “livestream” the Sunday mass for all of our parishioners this Sunday at 9:30 am (between the regular mass times). We will begin sending out regular email updates and will likely increase mailings like this one to keep in touch with our people. The parish office will remain open during this time, and we encourage you to call us or email us if you have suggestions of how we can better serve your needs.

We will be setting up times when the church/chapel will be open for private prayer and adoration. If you can help us in this endeavor by committing to a time to be at the church please contact the parish office.  We could use your help to have people in the church so that we can leave the doors open for people to come and pray. Fr. Alex, Fr. Armando and I will set up a schedule to celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation on a regular basis and will let you know when that will be at each parish.

As you are probably aware this closure will have a significant impact on our weekend collections which support our ongoing expenses, such as salaries, utilities and upkeep.  We encourage those of you who can to take advantage of our on-line giving program—myEoffering.  You can set up recurring payments to the Parish through your checking or savings account or through your credit card. There is a link on the parish website to sign up. You can also mail in your weekly or monthly donation to the parish office (you can also use the enclosed envelope to mail your donation along with the attached form). May this Lenten Sacrifice bring us closer to the One who sacrificed His life on the cross for the sake of us all. Let us pray for one another.

Yours in Christ,



Fr. K. Scott Connolly, Pastor


P.S. Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy St. Joseph’s Day!

In order to better serve our parishioners, we would like to update our files. Could you please fill out the following information and return it to the office as soon as possible? We have enclosed an envelope to return the form. For those of you from St. Peter and St. George we are using envelopes from St. Edward and St. Paul but will make sure to get your form back to Ana and Renato.






Phone___________________________________________________________(cell or home? Circle one)


Phone___________________________________________________________(cell or home? Circle one)




Preferred mode of communication from the parish (Please mark one)


  • Text to my cell phone (name of cell phone provider____________________________________)


  • Phone call


  • Email


  • Letter to my home address


We will likely be using a combination of approaches to keep in touch with our parishioners, but would like to know your preferences.


St. Edward Parish                                                        St. George Parish

4212 S. Mead Street                                                     5306 13th Avenue S.

Seattle WA 98118                                                         Seattle WA 98108

(206) 722-7888                                                            (206) 762-7744

vsobrevilla@stedwardparish.net                                      RSacramento@stgeorgeparish.com                       

St. Paul Parish                                                                 St. Peter Parish

5600 S. Ryan Street                                                        2808 14th Avenue S.

Seattle WA                                                                      Seattle WA 98144

(206) 725-2050                                                                (206) 324-2290

AStanton@stpaulparish.com                                               anastpeter@broadstripe.net                     


We obviously have your mailing address if you have received this letter, however if there are corrections which need to be made, please let us know.