January 12

Chris Sharp Resignation

Dear Friends

It is with regret that I share with you that our Principal at St. Paul School (Chris Sharp) made the difficult decision to step back from his position. Here is an excerpt from his school newsletter on December 20th:

“For personal reasons, I have notified Fr. Scott and the School Commission that I am resigning my position as principal of St. Paul effective Friday January 10, 2020. Please be assured that there is no hidden agenda or reason as to my leaving other than a personal need to make sure that my obligations to my family and myself are in order. I love the St. Paul community and we have made tremendous strides in a very short time. I exhort all of you to maintain the momentum that has been created and realize the shared vision of what we know St. Paul provides to so many children and families. The collective spirit of all of you to do what is right and necessary for this school is powerful beyond words and let nothing deter you from that task. You will always be part of my community and I will support the school in presence, prayer and thought whenever possible.

In Peace Always

Mr. Sharp”

I have asked Ana Foukimoana (Vice Principal) to take over as the Interim Principal, and she has graciously agreed. I ask you to pray for both Chris and Ana (and the entire faculty, staff and school at St. Paul) during this time of transition. As I know more information I will share it with you. On a happier note, I wanted to let you know that we have hired April Davis as the new Science Teacher at St. Paul and she started this past week. Welcome aboard, April. We’re glad that you are here!

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Scott Connolly