Coronavirus Update

Dear Friends

            I sent out a first class letter (if we sent it out bulk mail we wouldn’t get returned mail with incorrect information) on Tuesday to all of our parishioners which we have posted on the parish website. We are trying to update our data base (email addresses and cell phone numbers in particular) so that we have an accurate record of all of our parishioners. We need to increase our ability to communicate with you in light of the recent decisions to cancel masses and public celebrations. If you could update your records we would be extremely grateful.

            We will live stream our first mass as a cluster this coming Sunday at 9:30 am (right between the normally scheduled masses). Please connect with our new Facebook page by clicking on the link.  After you have gotten to the page you can “like” it with the “thumbs up” sign and then right under that you can hit the “ellipse” button and click “following.” We took a couple of screen shots from our cell phone to help you see what we’re talking about. Please try to tune in this coming Sunday at 9:30. We’ll try to connect with you through a variety of media to keep in touch and help answer questions to the best of our ability.

            At this point we still plan to keep the parish offices open. For the most part we only have one or two people in the office at any given time, so it is fairly safe. Look for more posts to our website and more emails from us. Let us hold one another in prayer.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Scott Connolly