Coming Back to Mass

Dear Parishioners

As most of you have seen, we are moving closer to reopening the churches for worship “in person!” Obviously you know that things are going to look a lot different. When we start back up we will only be allowed to have 50 people per mass and will have to follow strict procedures to keep us all safe and healthy. To that end, we are going to need a whole team of people to help us organize what we are going to do in each parish. The entire staff is working hard to get things into place, but we will need your help when it comes to implementation. Now that we know what we are going to need, we are asking all of our parishioners to pray about helping us out as a newly formed “covid crew.” We will need at least thirty volunteers from each parish who would be willing to go through a training and help in the work of implementation of these new guidelines. Our hope is to be ready to start as soon as the restrictions are lifted when we reach Phase Two. There are a lot of logistics involved and we could use your help to make it happen. More than likely we will have a “limited” opening with one or two masses to start with, and then depending on the number of volunteers (that means you!) we can continue to grow. We hope to get back to at least our previous schedule with the hope of even adding a couple extra.

                Although churches are currently allowed to have outdoor mass, we have determined that the time and energy to put all of that together would be better spent getting our parishes ready to have mass in the church when we are allowed to return. We have to submit our plan to the archdiocese before we begin and it will take time to put the plan together. To that end, I have asked Fr. Armando and Fr. Alex to be the two “Safety Managers” for the project. Fr. Armando will be responsible for St. Edward and St. Paul, and Fr. Alex will help us at St. Peter and St. George. Each of the Office Coordinators will be responsible for helping coordinate our efforts at each parish location.

                If you are willing to help us out, please email or call your Office Coordinator to get on the list as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you. We can’t wait to see you again. All of us have been looking forward to celebrating the Eucharist in person. Let’s make it happen.

Fr. Scott Connolly

St. Edward          Vince Sobrevilla                    722-7888

St. George          Renato Sacramento        762-7744

St. Paul                 Anne Stanton                                725-2050

St. Peter              Ana Juguilon                                 324-2290