2020 Census

Dear Friends:

As you all know, the 2020 census is in full swing right now. At the parishes, we had planned a day in March to help those who don’t have computers or internet connections at home to come to the parish and have census takers help us do that. Obviously this covid crisis has prevented us from doing so. However, our efforts to try and help you get counted are still a priority. Just as Jesus was counted among the human race in the Census of Caesar in Bethlehem, so too are we called to stand up and be counted in our own nation. Let’s do all we can to fill out the census form as soon as possible. It was supposed to be done by April 1st. After that, census workers were supposed to go door-to-door to count those they hadn’t heard from. Let’s help protect them by doing the census from home. Visit www.my2020census.gov to respond to the census online, available in 13 languages (click the upper-right corner or scroll to the bottom of the page to pick a language). If you have questions, you can contact Mary Pauline, our parish’s Pastoral Mission Coordinator at MaryPD@ccsww.org or 206-437-2459.

In addition, about a month ago, Quentin Corr, a student at St. George School did the following video to highlight the need to be counted. Please watch the video to see Quentin in action and to understand why the census is so important especially for our communities of color.

Keep the Faith!

Fr. Scott Connolly