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Sign up for the Weekend Mass you wish to attend. This form is NOT for the June 6th Graduation Mass.

Location St. Paul Catholic Church
Date & Time Sign-up for Mass-
  1. The capacity of our church to physically distance limits atttendance to 100 maximum. This will be lower if many singles and couples attend.
  2. We are still in need of volunteers to administer Mass attendance.
  3. Please bring your own face covering/mask. Reqiured for all those 5 and  older.
  4.  Please self screen. You must answer NO to ALL of these questions to attend Mass.  In the last 14 days, have you:
    1. Been exposed to a person with suspected or confirmed Covid-19 without the correct personal protective equipment?
    2. Had a temperature higher than 100.4 F?
    3. Had new or increased shortness of breath?
    4. Had a new cough?
    5. Had at least two of the following syptoms together?
      1. Chills
      2. Muscle Pain
      3. Headache
      4. Sore Throat
      5. New Loss of taste or smell
      6. Diarrhea/ Vomiting
      7. Runny nose/Congestion
      8. Fatigue            
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You may choose one weekend Mass. There is a separate registration for the June 6th Graduation Mass. Please see the home page for that link.
Members Attending
Let us know how many members of your family will be attending Mass including children
Please let us know if this registration is for a single time or recurring every week. If recurring you do not need to register each week.
I would like to help during Mass
We need people to assist with the Masses. the same few people have been helping since we resumed in-person Masses in July.
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