Children's Religous Education


                For our children, we will be offering four different programs depending on age and which sacraments they have received (or haven’t received as the case may be). We are offering something new for all families with K-6 graders called Whole Family Catechesis. This will be a program for parents to work with their own children to help them grow in their own faith while learning how to pass the faith on to their children. The first year we will focus on the Creed. Although it is offered for K-6, we will have a separate class just for our second graders (and any child older who has not received his/her First Holy Communion). This First Reconciliation and First Communion series will also be home-based and the parents will help us teach their own children. We have moved the age of Confirmation down to the seventh grade, so any of our young people who have not yet been confirmed will gather for our Confirmation classes on Sunday afternoons. Fr. Armando will be in charge of these youth along with a whole group of volunteers. Finally, if you have a child who is seven years or older who has not yet been baptized we will be offering the Children’s catechumenate (RCIA for Children) over the course of the next two years.  



Children’s Religious Education Coordinator

Estrella Ovena

Volunteer Opportunities

Classroom teacher
Classroom aide
Special projects

  • are fully initiated and active Catholics
  • available on Sunday Mornings
  • willing to do a background check
  • participate in Safe Environment classes

Please call the office 206-725-2050 to register.